SAA Wins Again! New Challenge Upfrount!

Well SAA Won again as expected and CONGRATS to all team members!!

We once again made CTP history with our outstanding performance.

Now we are faced with the new challenge which I know we can win.

For the DC enthusiasts you can find the schedule by following the link HERE.

We start the new competition with a new challenge… You can find the schedule HERE.

Anyone entering the challenge and in need of tokens, wands etc should send a pm to other team members or speak to Terry.

Best of luck to us and bring it on!!!

Terry says …Go SurfAholics Go!!!

Exciting SurfAholics Team News!

I am happy to write this post sharing all the exciting team news!

Following Jon Olson’s announcement regarding awarding team members for subscriptions to their Rocket Responder lists Rip Van Sky and Terry Allison jumped into action and discussed how our team could benefit from the Tim Tech latest XP award system.

I missed the announcement so I asked Rip about the program and here was his reply.

Tim Tech is putting a emphasis on list building. For every new subscriber you get on your list using RR you get points that contribute to a bonus percentage for the team.

So basically all you need do is sign up to team members blogs… and don’t forget to send a Team PM with your own link.

Also Terry sent out a reminder to be sure to put your CTP username in RR. Contact him for more info if you are just setting up. In case you missed the PM here is the message…

Hey SurfAholics!

Before sending out your links for people to sign-up, be sure that you have entered your CTP username in Rocket Responder. The way to do that is to follow the link at the bottom of the team page and enter your username.

Let me know, if you need help.

Stefan Berg just released a new book “List Building Made Easier

One of Stefan’s latest subscribers is Jon Olson. Congrats Stefan!

I downloaded my free copy and thought the information was really terrific so be sure to get your Free copy!

Gary Schmitt is the new administrator for all 5 sites by Thomas Sheets.
Vegashitz, Traffic Muscle, Viral Dynomyte, Ecell, and Asylum Hits.

Congrats Gary!

Terry Allison has been in mourning for the loss of his mouse which expired due to lack of use.

Everyone please give him a big hug when you chat with him LOL.



SurfAholics-Alpha Welcome Don Schmidt

Don Schmidt

SurfAholics-Alpha extend a warm welcome to our newest team member Don Schmidt.

I asked Don to give us some information about himself and the following is what he wrote…

I live in South Dakota the home of the largest biker rally in the U.S. at Sturgis S.D.
I ride a Harley Trike (Folks who never owned a Harley just wouldn’t understand! ) lol
Love camping,fishing and Pizza!!! Especially the ones that Jon
Love to joke around and make people smile!
Proud member of Surfaholics Team!
Thats it!
Oh ..I have a Team called Harleys Forever at List Build Surf for anyone that would care to join.

God Bless Everyone.
Put on your gloves and Ride!
Don aka Harley Triker

We look forward to working with you Don!

Patriciahedge Patriciahedge