Martin Bolger: Presents New SAA FlashMob Division

Hi and a warm welcome to my first SurfAholics-Alpha blog post!

I am writing this post for our new SAA FlashMob Division which I want to promote to our entire team.

I think our trial run at SeaLife Hits went very well for a first effort!

It was great fun and it seems from the feedback that I have received that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves (not sure about Sealife Hits owner Sig though lol).

Well done to everyone who took part!

For those that couldn’t make it to the event don’t worry… we will vary the times according to the different time zones so everyone gets a bit of fun.

I am trying to organize our Very Own SurfAholics-Alpha FlashMob Badge so hopefully that will be here soon!

We will just have to figure out how to use it once it is done lol.

I am very open to suggestions as to where we can “Flash”!

The only thing needed is a good chat room (with good smileys preferably).

If you haven’t already joined its never to late just get in touch with me and promote the Splash Pages below and I will add you to our very own rotator.

Hope to catch you all again soon and remember….

“You’ll always have a great day, with the SAA”

Regards Martin Bolger

FlashMob Splash Pages

Martin Bolger

Martin Bolger

Stefan Berg:The king Of List Building

Stefan Berg has been a very active and dedicated member of our SurfAholic team.

He is most noted for his keen business sense and helpful attitude especially to all our team members and others as well.

Stefan is the owner of the very successful Safelist called “The Lead Magnet” and he really knows his stuff!

I have not been in this community for very long …in fact it has been just over two years.

However I do not recall him endorsing any other products other than his own until now…

So if Stefan recommends a product we all need to take notice…

Stefan Berg

Stefan Berg

Join Stefan at Rocket Responder

Stefan knows the value of using Safelists to sell products and build a list but he also recognizes the value that Rocket Responder can add to any online marketer in building their own exclusive list.

He built his own splash page and I have to say it was a job well done!

If you have not tried Rocket Responder I highly recommend that you give it a try.

You can always count on Stefan’s help should you have any questions or need some assistance!



Kicking Off The 2015 CTP Team Competition

The new competition is just around the corner the and new season promises to be every bit as successful for our Surfaholic-Alpha Team.

Congratulations to all the team members who made this historical event possible!

I invite everyone to contact me if you would like to share any information about yourself and your favorite promotions.

With so many opportunities out there sharing this information could be invaluable for many of us.

Matt previously agreed that you may include your links for those that may be interested in joining with you and the links may be placed at the bottom of the page.

I will be approaching some of the program owners as well starting with David Eaton owner of Traffic Browser who developed a great program that we are all very familiar with.

David is currently very busy getting a new release of traffic browser fine tuned however he has agreed to be interviewed when his project is completed.

Please feel free to forward and questions or topics you would like David to address.

Also if you have a program owner you would like to interview or have featured please contact Matt or myself.

Reflecting back on last year it still amazes me how 25 members worked so well together helping and being helped.

I expect that our competition will be gearing up to give us a run for our money this season so the more we stick together the better we will be.

If anyone wants to share their favorite tips to help our members please come forward as we all can benefit from learning or trying new things.

Wishing each and everyone a prosperous and happy New Year!