SurfAholics-Alpha: We’ve Got Talent!

What can be said about the SurfAholics-Alpha team? The answer is very clear…

We’ve Got Talent!!

Our team is composed of 25 Superstars from counties all over the world.

Each member is unique with their individual culture, dreams and goals.

The personalities all differ as well with some being funny (quite hilarious actually) others being quiet and a few a little more serious on the side.

The ages are very diverse and graduate from the young to the …lets say more mature
(well that how we ladies put it) Lol.

The most amazing thing is that regardless of the cultural and age differences
the mutual respect and support of each other has sown the seeds to growing great,strong and lasting friendships.

With that being said, if you are anything like me then we would have to admit that there are several members on our team that we don’t actually know.

Considering the various time zones and individual schedules, chatting with all our team members and developing our relationships presents some obstacles.

Now I for one think this is most unfortunate because the team is a combination of individuals varying from relatively new to the accomplished.

With the wonderful environment being “help and be helped” how are we to know who our “go to guy” is?

What exactly do I mean? Well I’ll give you a few examples…

If you want to learn about Safelists you go to Stefan Berg.

If you need help with Skype or one on one tutoring you go to Terry Allison’s conference room.

If you want a better understanding of the ins and outs of establishing a TE or PTC sites you go to Sig Skeie

If you want to learn about graphic design you go to Valentin Mavrodin

Each and every member on this team has their own area of expertise!

We’re on this journey of developing our online businesses together so wouldn’t it be great to have 25 “go to guys” in our toolbox?

Yes SurfAholics-Alpha members We’ve Got Talent!

SurfAholics-Alpha:Kore4 Historical Event!

Our SurfAholics-Alpha team made Kore4 history yesterday by being the first team to receive this prestigious award since the new Tim Tech program launched.

Matt Badura our Team Leader was instrumental in guiding and leading us to victory.

I think that I speak for the team when I say Congratulations Matt on a job well done!

A special thanks for our two “Heroes Of The Week” Rip Van Sky and Carl Davis who both contributed 400% bonus points each to the team.

Combining this great bonus with all our dedicated members and heavy hitters the xp put us in the winners circle.

Wow! Congratulations to each and everyone of the team for a your dedication and excellent work!

Over the years I have been involved in a number of different types of groups and I have never before seen people work together, help and support one another like this team does!

It was a real battle with The Crazy Cats People lead by Nathan LaPlante right to the finish line.

The top three team results are as follows…

1)SurfAholics Alpha – 162 m points

2)Crazy Cats People – 128 m points

3)Lucky 13 – 65 m points

Congratulation are due to the runners up as well as all the other teams…Good Job Guys!

Meet our outstanding line up of team members…

Stefan TheLeadMagnet Berg
Myra P
Sabrina Traversa
Matt Badura
Moune monique
Diana McCarbrey
Valentin Mavrodin
Cathrine Friberg
Terry Allison
Dan mazilu
Giuseppe Lanzara
Victoria Stein
Aleksandar Filipovic
Howard Fullmer
Sig Skeie
Darren Ross
Rip Van Sky
Karen Cunningham
Michele New
Mary Golon
Donna Cheltenham
Patricia Hedge
Carl Davis
Sourav Roy
Katarina Kawana

Are you wondering who these folks are?

You probably recognize a few of the names or maybe even met some of us in chat.

But let’s face how much do we really know about each other?

To address this issue over the next few weeks I will be featuring our Allstars… kicking it off with Team Leader Matt Badura.

I will contact all our team members today to see if they are interested in me making a members page which includes a personal & business profile on everyone.

I would also like to do pages on a “Featured Member” where we could provide more detail on each individual.

I welcome any and all of your suggestions for future posts so please let me know your thoughts.

I also invite you contact me regarding any new information or tips for our members that you would like published.

Go Team Go!