SurfAholics-Alpha: Salute Diana McCarbrey

Today SurfAholics-Alpha: Salute Diana McCarbrey!

Diana is one of the original team members and she had a profile pic featuring herself and her cute little dog.

She has since updated her pic as all the team members know.

Diana is a very elegant woman that truly knows how to punch the numbers for the team!

She is always featured in the top 100 for teams.

Wow Thank you for your outstanding effort Diana!!

If you have not checked out her CTP profile you can find it here at Diana McCarbrey

She took action and is a team leader at Shockwave Traffic

Beyond that she has lots to offer with her own offers that may be attractive to you.

You can always trust that she will be helpful kind and honest!!

Our team has become an unstoppable train!

We have obvious talent that stands out (and you guys are awesome!) but let us all congratulate the great members that keep the train running!

Sharing and caring is a great way to repay these huge players!

Please contact Terry if you are in need of wands or what ever and he will be to sure make it happen for you.

Every team has different roles for each member but they also have the steady dedicated workers and I think we are the best example of team spirit!

Thank You again Diana!

Sorry I could not retrieve your new pic!


Martin Bolger: Presents New SAA FlashMob Division

Hi and a warm welcome to my first SurfAholics-Alpha blog post!

I am writing this post for our new SAA FlashMob Division which I want to promote to our entire team.

I think our trial run at SeaLife Hits went very well for a first effort!

It was great fun and it seems from the feedback that I have received that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves (not sure about Sealife Hits owner Sig though lol).

Well done to everyone who took part!

For those that couldn’t make it to the event don’t worry… we will vary the times according to the different time zones so everyone gets a bit of fun.

I am trying to organize our Very Own SurfAholics-Alpha FlashMob Badge so hopefully that will be here soon!

We will just have to figure out how to use it once it is done lol.

I am very open to suggestions as to where we can “Flash”!

The only thing needed is a good chat room (with good smileys preferably).

If you haven’t already joined its never to late just get in touch with me and promote the Splash Pages below and I will add you to our very own rotator.

Hope to catch you all again soon and remember….

“You’ll always have a great day, with the SAA”

Regards Martin Bolger

FlashMob Splash Pages

Martin Bolger

Martin Bolger

SurfAholics-Alpha Welcome Ong James

Greetings all!

We now have a new member to welcome to our team and his name is Ong James.

He seems to like to be called James.

On behalf of the entire team I extend a hardy welcome!

Here is a little bit he posted on his profile in case you haven’t seen it….

Ong James

Ong James

Hi, I’m James Ong. I have been an Internet Marketer and Web Developer since 2009. Feel free to join my website to promote profitable programs: Upgrade Pays

Feel free to share with me Frenzy and Christmas Mini Prize Cards Badges as I will always have those game cards ready.

Once again WELCOME! We look forward to working with you!