SAA Wins Again! New Challenge Upfrount!

Well SAA Won again as expected and CONGRATS to all team members!!

We once again made CTP history with our outstanding performance.

Now we are faced with the new challenge which I know we can win.

For the DC enthusiasts you can find the schedule by following the link HERE.

We start the new competition with a new challenge… You can find the schedule HERE.

Anyone entering the challenge and in need of tokens, wands etc should send a pm to other team members or speak to Terry.

Best of luck to us and bring it on!!!

Terry says …Go SurfAholics Go!!!

CTP Teams:What Are Your Thoughts?

Greetings all! It seems that there is a lot of conversation about some of the recent changes made by Tim Tech regarding the team competition.

I would like to invite everyone to express their personal views on some of the issues at hand.

It was my understanding that the formation of the teams was to…

Encourage activity

Help build relationships

Promote sharing of information and learning

Basically just make the whole thing more fun

SurfAholics have always had a great team with the “help and be helped” attitude.

Over time we have accomplished much as the leading team but I feel we are all richer for the friendships we have developed.

We have a great group of people who are dedicated and serious about the work but we also know how to enjoy and have fun.

The team has deserved every success we have had due to hard work and the great communication we have.

All of us have had periods where we where not able to be as active and the team always steps up.

Now with the opportunity to buy XP has Tim Tech destroyed all of this?

I personally don’t think it will ruin what we as a team have built together but…will it make it nothing more than a rich mans game?

Do you think that this new ability will ruin the experience for new comers?

Personally I do not agree with purchased wins as in my opinion I think it changes the original concept.

However there are always different opinions and views on any issue.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Go SurAholics Go!!



On the highway of life we come to crossroads.

I went into 2015 having set myself some goals, as I think all of us did.
To accomplish these goals meant that I had to re-arrange how much time I spend where and how I get things done, so the natural course of action was to split some CTP Team responsibilities amongst team members. The intention was to free up more time to work on things that take more advantage of my skill sets.

The division of tasks works great, any team leader that has not yet done so should look into it. Thank you Terry, Sabrina, Patricia and Martin for helping me out with everything that needs to be done day to day.

While on the highway of life there are some things that are very certain. You will have crossroads, road blocks, potholes and many other situations that will determine how you get to your destination or if your destination will change. When these obstacles are presented sometimes you must give up 1 thing to choose the right path.

As many all ready know, I do run a full time business offline and I do have ambitious goals to achieve. So today I came to my crossroad, choosing one way will enable me to achieve many of my goals, personal and team oriented, choosing the other way I may still get there but I would give up a lot along the way and I would become an absent leader.

It would be unfair of me to choose the way I want to, and try to hold on to some things that I need to let go. So it is with some sadness that I announce the stepping down as leader of the SAA but it is with excitement that I announce Terry Allison as my replacement,

Since day 1 Terry has shown an intense commitment to our team, he is always there for team members and available more often than I am. Terry shares the vision for our team and I hope you give him the support he deserves.

I will still be around, mainly focused on the business side of projects to come, but also for any support that may be needed.

Thank you all for the wonderful time I have had as your leader, you have all supported me more than I could have imagined and I am thankful for all the great friends I have made through this.

-Matt Badura