Lucky #7

More than half of the CTP Teams year is over, during this time we as a team have had the opportunity of setting and breaking many records.

One record we set was winning the weekly competition 6 weeks in a row and we lost out in week 7 when the newly formed “Strays” team blocked us.

A second run was attempted and again it was blocked during the 7th week, this time by the ubers.

However, the SAA are not known for just giving up and after a painful month of September we regrouped and made another push. This past week we managed to walk out with a record breaking 7 straight weeks won.

Congratulations to everyone on our team, especially some of our newest members whom joined us because they had the will to win and in turn have demonstrated such.

Will we make it 8?

-Matt Badura

Do You Have The Drive To Win ?

Yes the SurfAholics are recruiting, we are looking for competitive surfers to join our fun loving and helpful team.

We don’t have a million requirements, only 3.

1) You like to communicate with your team
2) You enjoy improving yourself
3) You have a drive to win

If you think you are interested in this challenge please contact Matt Badura via ctp pm or twitter @MattBadura

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha

August Team Performance Awards

So another month another win but before we present the awards here is a badge for everyone in the CTP world to claim

So now moving on to our awards.

As you know August has been a month full of trials and tribulations for us, we have lost a good deal of top surfers, but the team pulled it together pulled up our socks and finished off August with a 6 week win streak.

This month we have added some badges to our performance awards and have all ready started awarding them to the team. Along with a bonus Reward Points these members all win $10 cash, so far $90 has been given out to the team.

Peer Choice Award this month is given to Sabrina Traversa as selected by her team mates.

The Top Point Earner this month was also Sabrina Traversa

The top DC % earner for the month is actually a 3 way tie with Kelvin Ross, Diana McCarbrey and Sabrina Traversa

The Top Promo Master was also Sabrina Traversa having claimed over 800 promos in August.

Congratulations to all of you, together we are showing the rest of CTP Teams what the SAA can do, even when the situations we have been presented with are no fun we still pull together and get it done.

Keep it up, win this week and we set a new ctp record with 7 straight weekly wins.

Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha