August Team Performance Awards

So another month another win but before we present the awards here is a badge for everyone in the CTP world to claim

So now moving on to our awards.

As you know August has been a month full of trials and tribulations for us, we have lost a good deal of top surfers, but the team pulled it together pulled up our socks and finished off August with a 6 week win streak.

This month we have added some badges to our performance awards and have all ready started awarding them to the team. Along with a bonus Reward Points these members all win $10 cash, so far $90 has been given out to the team.

Peer Choice Award this month is given to Sabrina Traversa as selected by her team mates.

The Top Point Earner this month was also Sabrina Traversa

The top DC % earner for the month is actually a 3 way tie with Kelvin Ross, Diana McCarbrey and Sabrina Traversa

The Top Promo Master was also Sabrina Traversa having claimed over 800 promos in August.

Congratulations to all of you, together we are showing the rest of CTP Teams what the SAA can do, even when the situations we have been presented with are no fun we still pull together and get it done.

Keep it up, win this week and we set a new ctp record with 7 straight weekly wins.

Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha

Month 3 in review – Performance awards.

The completion of month 3 marks the end of the first quarter of ctp teams, and what a month it has been.

As a team we ran into many challenges this month, we lost 3 great team mates to other priorities, we had illnesses and some personal complications and even some tragedies.

I cannot forget to bring up the pressure we always feel from the Lucky 13 and the Strays.

But we all worked to help each other, and pick up the slack where needed.

I value “Persistence and Perseverance”, so much so it is permanently placed over my heart, and you have demonstrated this during our struggles.

This month has also brought a number of awesome performances, look at week 4.  Arguably the best “comeback from behind” ctp teams has seen to date.  Props to all of you for stepping up while I was away and coming together to achieve this.

Special recognition to Stefan Berg for igniting the flame and using his leadership skills in my absence to lead us to this spectacular finish.

Can’t forget Valentin, who helped give a convincing push to get a Kore 4 upgrade.

So what is the result of all our hard work?

We won 3 of the 5 weeks in month 3, and finished 2nd and 3rd in the other 2.
Still the only team to have won a monthly competition, streak is set to 3 🙂

And thanks to TT we have received 100,000 TT Reward Points, arguably worth $350.00  Go Team.

This month we are distributing 1,100  SAA Performance Points, each one worth approximately 90.90 TT Reward Points.  Our top performer I am sure will be quite happy with the 10,440 TT Reward Points she will receive.

But lets not forget my promise.  I gave you a challenge and you rocked it so on top of all the TT Reward Points everyone is sharing I am giving away The following Performance Awards.

1) Overall top monthly ctp teams point earner – Rip Van Sky – $10 cash
2) Overall top daily challenge % completion – Kelvin Ross – $10 cash
3) Overall top promos completion – Monique Moune – $10 cash
4) Peer choice award winnerDiana McCarbrey – $10 cash
5) 2 random prizes of $5 cash  –Rip Van Sky and Stefan Berg won this random prize.
Their names were drawn by Jon Olson and Walter Mulder in our live spreecast.

Thank you for rocking it again, I can’t wait to see how you will impress next.

Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha

Data can be so useful – sharing some performance numbers

As most of you know I like data, data and more data. For me the more information I can gather about my business, my market or my team the better decisions I can make.

When it comes to CTP teams, we have tracked our daily performance to find out what we do right, and what we need to improve on. I would like to share some of our performance data and applaud those that are excelling. But first a special thank you to Stefan and Sabrina without whom this data would not have been gathered nor compiled.

In Month 3

As a team we manged to average a Daily Challenge Boost of 386% (before counting k4 upgrades and renewals).

6 of our team members averaged a perfect month in completing the Daily Challenge and Kelvin Ross achieved and overall daily average of 20.86%.

The monthly top point earner was Rip having earned 146,637,156 points total and having the highest 1 week total at 79,905,211.

I really enjoyed the close race for points between 2nd – 4th place.

Monique 128,300,091
Myra 124,433,159
Sabrina 124,027,275

I wonder how they got there, ohh look at that.

Monique 589 promos collected
Sabrina 481 promos collected
Myra 401 promos collected

Week 1 Top 3

Week 2 Top 3

Week 3 Top 3

Week 4 Top 3

Week 5 Top 3

It is important to note that all though we like showing off the top performers we value the team as a whole, no one or even 5 of us can achieve what we do together.  The data collected has also been used, as a tool, to help us distribute the monthly TT Reward Points we won.  For this we use our SAA Performance Points System.

Thanks for reading,
Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha