CTP Season 7: The Forgotten Season

Okay. Yes, I did make it back. It only took me six months this time. LOL Anyway, here is what I remember CTP Season 7, which I have given it the name of The Forgotten Season. I don’t remember any specific rule changes or anything of that nature. The season started and the Surfaholics Alpha team, just went for it. We met up with a couple of different teams than we had played before in the finals. It came down to the third round, and it looked pretty apparent that it was going to be a repeat for the Finals of The SurfAholics Alphas and The Cash Surfing Network, BUT something weird happened in that third round that messed-up the counters. After waiting for most of the day for the problem to be fixed, the four remaining teams of SurfAholics Alpha, Uber Surfers, Lucky 13, and the Cash Surfing Network all voted to end the playoff and divide the rewards evenly between themselves.

That’s what I remember of CTP Season 7: The Forgotten Season. It may have marched on in, but it whimpered out. LOL

You all take care, and remember: SurfAholics Alphas love ya!

Go SurfAholics! Go! Go! Go!

Terry L. Allison, Sr.
Leader of the SurfAholics Alpha