CTP Teams Season 5 is Here

Hi all,

It’s Martin again you remember ( The Brit with Spit ) at last Season 5 is here and the mouses are twitching for action !!, we have the dates as follows…

SEASON 5 START: Jan 18th Midnight A.M. EST

SEASON 5 END: Feb 29th Midnight A.M. EST

PLAYOFFS BEGIN: March 3rd Midnight A.M. EST

There have been a few changes to the format not least the qualifying criteria to start earning points which in my opinion is far to easy ( what do you think ?? ). all is explained in the CTP Teams Blog which you can read here.

One of the biggest changes for me is the start times ‘ Every day at 8AM EST a “new day” begins’  which is 1pm over here in Blighty , that’s half of my day gone 🙁 — CORRECTION. At the time of the posting, this was true. It has now been changed to midnight for all resets, including CTP, promos, etc. There will now be one reset time for CTP, instead of the two resets, like we had before.

Never mind there are tactics to get around this and Terry Allison ( THE BOSS ) has messaged everyone in the team about this so be sure to check your inbox.

We also have a few new members so be sure to give them a great big SAA welcome and get active in Skype and the chat rooms.

Before I go I thought it would be only fair to share our biggest tactic with the rest of the teams to ensure we all start on a level playing field, all you do is Surf and then you Surf and when you think you can’t Surf any more you Surf some more  Easy Peasy 🙂

Thanks for Reading

Martin Bolger