Never Should Have Been Started

Okay. I am back finally. If I titled Season 7 as the Forgotten Season, and I did, then Season 8 should be known as the Season That Should Never Have Been Played. Oh man! Oh man! O man! The long and short of it was that the Season 8 started-up, and after a week of mishaps and things not working right, it finally was arranged that the beginning of the season 8 should be reset for the following Monday. After a week of actually working to get everything right, the season starts, and goes, and goes, and goes… There never seemed to be an end in sight and becomes a nightmare from the Twilight Zone or something. Of course, people kept asking, and the answer was very slow in coming. Even when people did say something, it always seemed like it was the customers/people competing’s fault for asking. How hard can it be just to put an ending date on an event/contest/whatever you want to call it?

Another reason Season 8 should be known as the Season That Should Never Have Been Played was not because of anything in Season 8. We played the first six seasons with a jackpot of winnings for the final four teams, so precedent had been set. There was an expectancy that Season 7 would be no different. Even though the SurfAholics Alpha made it to the finals and played our hearts out, only to come short against the Cash Surfing Network team, none of the final four teams would receive any monetary rewards. It really was not the money aspect that we played for. I mean really, when you divide all the prize money between team members $10 to $15 can only go so far. What was on the line was the integrity of the company running the surfing contest. Remember, precedent had been set, so the expectancy of past events said there should have been monetary reward of some kind. But because it was not stated anywhere, the people running the contest squirmed away from the topic, and no one received anything. For that reason alone, I knew that we needed to put our businesses first. Yes, it is fun to compete. I love competing, but I want to put people first. So for Season 8, we did not really concern ourselves with regular season play, and yes, it came down to SurfAholics Alpha and Cash Surfing Network team in the finals of the Playoffs, with Cash Surfing Network winning Season 8.

I think the lesson to be learned is that we have control over our own businesses. It is too easy to get caught up in little distractions of chasing little ‘carrots’, which really did nothing more than create a herd-mentality for the sake of competition. There are some good aspects of competition, where people learn to compete and work with each other for the common good of the team, and many great relationships have been formed to create family-type units of caring for another as much as we can over the internet. Competition can be good for a business. We just need to be aware of the pitfalls and distractions.

For me, Season 8 will be known as the Season That Should Never Have Been Played, but it was still was a very valuable lesson in business-building.

I love each and every one of the SurfAholics Alpha!

Terry Allison, Sr.
Leader of the SurfAholics Alpha Team