New Season Ahead

Hi all its Martin here, ( The Brit with Spit ) , how we all doing and a belated Happy New Year

I have been intrusted to write something in  this blog , well it was either me or Scott Rohn lol.

I was going to put some info about the new season starting  but as of yet we have no start date so I,ll just ramble on about a few things.

The Rumour is that this season will be more suited to the surfer than the buyer and if thats true looks like we will be in for a good one because I know there is no other team in the planet could beat us at that !!

So now I will just introduce you to the New Members.  We have at last got our own back on the Ubers and have pinched one of there team we welcome Graham a top class surfer. We also welcome Gavin, Boyan and  Majka so be sure to get friendly and give them advice.

Im gonna do a weekly blog here about all the previous weeks goings on but if there anyone out there willing to contribute to the Blog please contact Terry Allison  ( The Boss ) .we need to get this page going its benificial to us all.

If you haven’t seen them already I have made a couple of team Splash Pages and so if you want one with your own links just let me know,  I’m also sorting out a proper Team ads Rotator where everyone can see the stats for their ads and see who’s promoting and not.

With that I will let you go and do another post as soon as we know more about the new season.

Thanks for reading

Regards Martin Bolger