SurfAholics Blog Finally Gets an Update!!!

It has definitely been a while, since this blog was last updated as far as an article of news is concerned. And in that regard, we have had a couple of seasons pass, since Season 5 started. Let me catch-up on the competition end of what has been going on.

The SurfAholics Alpha team was again right in the thick of the competition, taking no one for granted, and taking every precaution to get to the finals of CTP Teams Season 5. We did make it to the finals of Season 5, and met the CSN (Cashing Surfing Network) team. Both teams fought hard to outscore the other, but we could never get the lead, but the SurfAholics Alpha as usual gave it their heart. Although we came in second for Season 5, I am still amazed at how the SurfAholics Alpha team always comes together to play our best.

Season 6 of CTP Teams was almost a repeat of Season 5. There was a little bit of a rule change going into Season 6, which was limiting the use of TimTech letters to a 24 hour expiration, instead of no expiration. SurfAholics Alpha did see a couple of new team in the early rounds, but like I said earlier, we do not take anything for granted. And as we fought through each round, we honed our technique and strategies a little better with each round. As a team leader, I never set a goal of what we should do as a team, but what happened was incredible that in each round we doubled our score from our previous round. And guess who we should meet up with in the finals? Yes, if you guessed CSN. In that last round, the SurfAholics fought brilliantly. For the finals, we scored five times more than we had from the previous round. Even though we came up short in the finals, we made some magnificent gains that kept CSN hopping.

I am proud to be the leader of the SurfAholics Alpha team. Each season, we get better and better in how we play the game. The rules get changed every now and then, but we have always been able to adapt and learn new strategies to stay in the thick of the competition. And yes, I wish there was not so many rule changes, and that we could keep on playing with the rules we had for whatever season. But even in business, we have to learn what the rules are, and adapt to adapt our strategies to the market. Just as the SurfAholics Alpha has learned to play the game for competition, I have no doubts that we will get better and better in our marketing skills.

I love you, SurfAholics!

Terry L. Allison, Sr.
Team Leader of the SurfAholics Alpha

SurfAholics Alpha Win first place and $3,000 ! Do you want to play on the winning team?

31 weeks ago we set out to accomplish a goal.

CTP Teams had just started, and we were one of the first teams to be created. On the first day we set a goal, to create a team that communicates together performs together and wins the first season challenge.

It was a long and difficult run, but we have shown we are determined to accomplish our goals, and we did it well.

With season 2 we are gearing up to take things to the next level.


Contact me via CTP PM my username is mpbadura

Thank you to all our members past and present, and all our competitors especially Lucky 13, Ubers and Strays you guys made this a lot of fun. Good luck to all in season 2.

Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha

Performance Awards Giving Away Even More

Earlier today I wrote about the addition of our SurfAholics Alpha Peer Choice Awards and I was going to wait to post the following but I just can’t help myself so here is some more.

As you know every month we distribute SAA Points awarded based on performance and participation. These SAA Points are then used to determine the % of Team TT Reward Points each member receives month.

We are stepping up the game! On top of the current SAA Points each member can receive, if we win a month, we will award the following $50 in prizes.

1) Overall top monthly ctp teams point earner – $10 cash
2) Overall top daily challenge % completion – $10 cash (ties decided by top points earned)
3) Overall top promos completion – $10 cash (ties decided by top points earned)
4) Peer choice award winner – $10 cash
5) 2 random prizes of $5 cash (qualify by earning at least an average of 15% in daily challenges during the month)

That’s $50 out of our monthly war chest given right back to you, thank you for consistently being a top team.

Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha