Hey SurfAholics!

As you have seen around at the various traffic exchanges is that a lot have been going to the Payza payment processor. This was due to PayPal limiting a lot of the traffic exchange owners accounts. If the te owners account is limited, it means that they do not have any money coming in or going out. This is why a lot of te owners have gone looking for other payment processors, which is why you see a lot of te owners using Payza. I know. I know. You don’t like Payza, because of the bad history they have had with holding on to your money. Believe me, that is the exact reason that I do not like using Payza. Of course, te owners are looking for other payment processors, so they can keep bringing in the money and still pay commissions. The trouble with using multiple payment processors is that the te owner has to fund more than one account, which dilutes the te owners effectiveness of what they can do for their members, plus the nightmare of keeping track of who paid what in whatever payment processor, because if you don’t, it looks like a money-laundering scheme. Anyway, this is a short synopsis of why te owners are using alternative payment processors.

The obvious question is why did PayPal limit a lot of the te owner’s accounts? Good question. Everything seems to point back to Traffic Monsoon, calling itself, a traffic exchange. As you know, The Federal Trade Commission shutdown Traffic Monsoon, and with that PayPal lost a lot of money. Remember, PayPal is not a bank. PayPal is a payment processor, which means that they handle the money going from one bank to another bank. It may take four or five days before PayPal actually gets the money owed to them for processing the transactions, which can add up to lots and lots of money. Well…to make a long story short…since Traffic Monsoon called itself a traffic exchange, which it is not, PayPal has lumped all the real traffic exchanges in with Traffic Monsoon. PayPal is just doing its job of protecting itself.

So what needs to happen now? Another good question. The traffic exchange industry is going to have to clean-up its own act, if it is going to continue to exist. How do we do that? Still another great question, and is the one that is being discussed. All I can give you on that question is some thoughts on the topic that have been discussed. I will just list somethings that are being worked-on that I know about:

* Change the traffic exchange model completely from what it is today.
* Eliminate advertising anything that even looks remotely like Traffic Monsoon.
* Eliminate paying people to surf (money, credits, banners, texts, XP, zubees, etc).
* Encourage people to be creative with their advertising and list-building, and promote themselves and their business, instead of promoting affiliate programs.
* Create and promote blogs.

And I am sure there are a couple more things that were mentioned, but those are the highlights of what has been discussed.

I know many on the team have supported SurfAholics TE, and I want to do everything I can to promote you, your business, the team. I will be working more on our team blog, the SurfAholics forum (you soon will be able to access it from inside SurfAholics TE), and a couple of other ideas to help promote all of us.

I am open to ideas to how we can be more of a marketing group, just let me know, or talk to any of our team leaders (Rip, Brenda, Jessica, or myself).

Whatever changes takes place, just know that I love each and every one of you. I love you all. I love the SurfAholics!!!

Terry L. Allison, Sr.
Leader of the SurfAholics Alpha

CTP Season 7: The Forgotten Season

Okay. Yes, I did make it back. It only took me six months this time. LOL Anyway, here is what I remember CTP Season 7, which I have given it the name of The Forgotten Season. I don’t remember any specific rule changes or anything of that nature. The season started and the Surfaholics Alpha team, just went for it. We met up with a couple of different teams than we had played before in the finals. It came down to the third round, and it looked pretty apparent that it was going to be a repeat for the Finals of The SurfAholics Alphas and The Cash Surfing Network, BUT something weird happened in that third round that messed-up the counters. After waiting for most of the day for the problem to be fixed, the four remaining teams of SurfAholics Alpha, Uber Surfers, Lucky 13, and the Cash Surfing Network all voted to end the playoff and divide the rewards evenly between themselves.

That’s what I remember of CTP Season 7: The Forgotten Season. It may have marched on in, but it whimpered out. LOL

You all take care, and remember: SurfAholics Alphas love ya!

Go SurfAholics! Go! Go! Go!

Terry L. Allison, Sr.
Leader of the SurfAholics Alpha