Giving Away 50,000 XP – No Cost

It Must be that I have had a stressful day and I just want to go a little crazy!

Forget buying, I am just gonna give away 50,000 XP
200,000 if you are Kore 4

This is one of those “JUST TAKE ACTION” moments.

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On July 29th, 2014 – 1 lucky subscriber will win 50,000 XP, (KORE 4 200,000 XP)

Why am I waiting until June 29th?
Simple let’s see your team work skills in passing this on to all your team members.
Your full team gives you 25 chances to get one sweet boost and potentially get you past the team right ahead of you (or further in some cases)

SurfAholics Alpha and Bravo, I know you will be right on top of this RIGHt?

Too simple for you to pass up, isn’t it?

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Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha


SurfAholics-Alpha: Welcome Steven and Richard

The SurfAholics-Alpha team has recently added two new Kore4 members Richard Barnes and Steven Ackerman.

On behalf of our awesome team let me extend a very warm welcome to you both!

We look forward to getting to know you and working with you towards our common goal.

Giving Credit Where it is Due

I have been very fortunate to have had some great mentors in my life, one of whom I respected very much for he always gave me credit when I deserved it.  Along with many others, I value this lesson very much.

So it is with no shame that I, on behalf of our team, tip my hat to The Strays.

You all showed us that you wanted to be the first team to take us down by doing just that.  You are a strong group of individuals who get what they want and gave us a nice kick in the butt.  All though I personally may not agree with the tactics you used, I do agree with the positive benefits it brings to your team and the rest of us.  You all did an amazing job, congratulations.  Don’t forget to complete your “all Kore 4 Challenge” tomorrow or we may just go ahead and take that from you as revenge 🙂

I value motivated team players very much, and hope Virginia treats you all very well… I would for sure 😉

Good luck this week.

Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics – Alpha



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