Bravo is on the move !

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, nope it’s the SurfAholics Bravo team on the move.

Yes our affiliate team had a short stint in the premier league before being sent back to the Competitive League.

Now they could have folded and given up but they didn’t.

They have regrouped,refueled and are motivated to get another shot at the premier league.

At the start of day 3 they are even right behind David McKay and his CTP Renegades.

Here is a look at the Bravo’s top 5.

1 KORE4 Richard Barnes 4980208
2 KORE4 Owen Rolston 1665272
3 KORE4 Jennifer Washburn 1455888
5 KORE4 Elizabeth Davis 300244

Great job guys, keep up the communication and strive for a better you every day.

Matt Badura

Matt Badura
CTP SurfAholics Alpha

The Heats Turning Up!

Hi everyone and again a big pat on the back for yet another victory!

But the heat is turning up with the stats at the time of this blog post being as follows…

1 +4 (5) Cash Surfing Network – Team 1 (25/25) 103891459
2 -1 (1) SurfAholics – Alpha (25/25) 72893422
3 o (3) Crazy Cats People! (25/25) 55822963
4 -2 (2) Lucky 13 (25/25) 44821863
5 -1 (4) Empower World Team (22/25) 32008119
6 +1 (7) CTP Masters (25/25) 30556931

Wow the other teams are really jumping to the pump so I guess we will need to do the same.

We have so many dedicated team members and of course we all have lives but let’s try to follow Matt’s advise and at least try to complete the daily challenge as he suggested.

I logged into TE Browser the other day and found that Myra and Terry where both top clickers. Congrats guys good on you!

But for the rest of us and there are many top clickers on our team not mentioned keep up the good work!

If we continue working together we can keep our team on top.

How Can You Help Your CTP Team?

I promised to share our secrets, so I will take the “opportunity” to share some of them with you today.

But as it so happens, the first two I want to share are not really secrets at all.

These 2 actions are utilized in every successful business, sports team or family unit.  Essentially with any successful group of individuals I have noticed the following being present most of the time.

Each member strives to be more effective for their team, and follows that up with helping others be more efficient.

When successfully done a team becomes efficient, effective and is always evolving.

Such a force is difficult to compete against.


So what can you do to take action, and help your CTP team dominate?

First, start with the daily teams challenge.

Take what ever measures you can, to be effective and complete the daily challenge as quickly as you can.

Second, spread your efficiency to your team, help them complete it quickly.

The sooner your team gets their daily bonus completed, the more points you will earn that day.

Now imagine all 25 of you having completed your 20%, that’s a 500% bonus to the entire team for the rest of the day without any Kore 4 Upgrades.

Take action,  go to Sea Life Hits and make sure you are ready for the June 9th and 10th CTP Teams Bonus Challenge.


Matt Badura

Matt Badura

SurfAholics Alpha