How Can You Help Your CTP Team?

I promised to share our secrets, so I will take the “opportunity” to share some of them with you today.

But as it so happens, the first two I want to share are not really secrets at all.

These 2 actions are utilized in every successful business, sports team or family unit.  Essentially with any successful group of individuals I have noticed the following being present most of the time.

Each member strives to be more effective for their team, and follows that up with helping others be more efficient.

When successfully done a team becomes efficient, effective and is always evolving.

Such a force is difficult to compete against.


So what can you do to take action, and help your CTP team dominate?

First, start with the daily teams challenge.

Take what ever measures you can, to be effective and complete the daily challenge as quickly as you can.

Second, spread your efficiency to your team, help them complete it quickly.

The sooner your team gets their daily bonus completed, the more points you will earn that day.

Now imagine all 25 of you having completed your 20%, that’s a 500% bonus to the entire team for the rest of the day without any Kore 4 Upgrades.

Take action,  go to Sea Life Hits and make sure you are ready for the June 9th and 10th CTP Teams Bonus Challenge.


Matt Badura

Matt Badura

SurfAholics Alpha


Hero Of The Day: Monique Moune

Monique Moune is the “Hero Of The Day” after she stepped up to the plate and upgraded to kore4 today!

Congratulations and on behalf of the team a sincere thank you!

Monique’s timing could not have been better considering Lucky13 just received an upgrade putting us in second position.

Well thanks to her commitment to our team looks like we are back in the saddle again folks.

Let’s ride!

I asked her for the privilege of doing a “Featured Member” page on her and I sincerely hope she agrees but check this out guys…..

She sent this to me ….

I am a Mom of nine children and grandmother of 19 grandchildren, a serious car accident a few years there has deprived me of the use of my legs and today, the internet is for me the best way to escape.

Wow hats off for Monique!

Playing By The Rules

Playing by the rules is the unwritten understanding in our great community.

However since the beginning of time there have always been people who wish to bend the rules or out right cheat.

Yesterday such a situation occurred with one of the Kore4 teams Lucky13 Led by Tom Wacker.

I was saddened to hear this news as Tom certainly has a lot of integrity and is without question a straight shooter!

Unfortunately as the leader some assume that because he was responsible for choosing his team members that this reflects badly on him and the other team members.

Well for the ney-sayers I guess they could look at it from that position But they are a fine group of individuals who just like our team are all doing their best for their team.

It is my understanding that it was their own team that discovered the deceitful behavior and brought it to lite.

This team took action and tried to confront the individual in question to determine if their was a reasonable explanation for their actions.

It seems that the individual did not respond and by virtue of their non action was then removed from the team.

Also CTP took action and banned this individual.

Wow that’s pretty heavy stuff to say the least!

In any event I think that Lucky13 acted with integrity and should Not be painted with the same brush.

We are fortunate to have many members who provide us with “inside information” like Sig did when he announced that we needed to stop sharing the links for the bombs.

I for one would never have realized why this was not appropriate with out Sig informing our team.

So the bottom line is let’s keep the lines of communication open and remember that although winning is nice Winning isn’t everything.

I believe that out team is comprised of a great group of hard working honest individuals.

With that being said let’s continue playing by the rules win or loose we are all winners and richer from this team experience.